Deposit and Mint Assets

  • Before proceeding, it may be helpful to review minting
  • This section will demonstrate how to deposit USDC and mint assets

Depositing USDC

To mint an asset, navigate to ‘Minting’ at the top of the webpage.
Toggle the ‘Deposit’ button on the right side of the webpage.
Now enter the amount of USDC you would like to deposit as collateral for your minted positions.
Note: the deposited USDC is only for a specific market; so if you wanted to mint SOL/ETH contracts as well as BTC/ETH contracts, you would need to deposit USDC for each market and mint assets for each individual market.
Approve your transaction in your wallet and view your receipt in the top right corner of the screen.

Minting Assets

After you have deposited USDC to collateralize minted assets for a market, toggle the ‘Mint’ feature on the right hand side of the webpage.
Next, enter the amount of contracts you would like to mint. You will see the c-ratio slider beneath the contract input box that easily helps you choose an appropriate c-ratio.
See this page for more information on your minting c-ratio
After you have selected the amount of contracts you would like to mint, click the 'Mint" button, confirm the transaction in your wallet and view the newly minted position at the bottom of the minting dashboard:
For an example of a minting calculation, please see here.