Portfolio Management and Key Performance Indicators

To view your portfolio and key performance indicators, navigate to the ‘Portfolio’ tab at the top of the webpage.

Portfolio Dashboard


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    Key Performance Indicators
  • Unrealized PnL is your profit and loss that your account would be changed by if you were to immediately close all open positions
  • Open Orders is the cumulative value of your orders that have not been filled yet
  • Filled Orders is the cumulative value of the your orders that have been filled
  • The ‘Lock’ icon allows you to drag and drop windows on each page
  • Portfolio Value is the sum of all value of the positions in your portfolio
  • Profit and Loss is your 24hr realized profit and loss across your portfolio
  • Portfolio headroom is the dollar amount of how much your portfolio can move before running the risk of liquidation (i.e. your c-ratio is close to maintenance c-ratio)
  • Collateral Ratio (c-ratio) is equal to your sum total positions divided by your sum total borrows
  • Leverage is the ratio between your account liabilities and your total equity
2. Account Breakdown
  • Account Assets page displays the assets you hold across your trading account
  • Positions displays the size of your trades as well as the unrealized gain for each one
  • Orders page displays the trades you have placed that have not been filled yet
  • Unsettled page displays the trades that you still need to settle after closing
3. Delta Neutrality displays your delta (directional) exposure across all your accounts