The Trading Dashboard

  • The cypher Pro trading dashboard is an advanced interface designed to give traders powerful insight and tooling to trade any market

Trading Dashboard


  1. 1.
    Selected Market
  • Toggle between markets and view information like the price, expiry, and 24hr percent change
2. Price Chart
  • View the TradingView® chart for the asset you are trading directly from your dashboard
  • Switch between different timeframes in the upper left corner
3. Asset Metrics
  • Current Price of the contract
  • Oracle Price of the underlying
  • Trading volume is the USD value of the all contracts traded in the past 24 hours
  • Open Interest (OI) is the running total number of open contracts (long and short) for a certain market
  • The ‘Lock’ icon allows you to drag and drop windows on each page
4. The Order book, Fills, and Positions
  • The order book displays the existing orders on the market
    • Bids are displayed in green and asks are displayed in red
  • The fills list displays the last prices orders on the order-book were filled
  • The positions tab displays your open positions so you can easily monitor and manage them from the trading page
4. Trading Terminal and Open Orders
  • The trading terminal is where you can place trades on the selected market
  • The open orders view is where you can view placed orders that have not been filled yet