Portfolio Management and Key Performance Indicators

  • Easily monitor your portfolio status
  • View transaction history
  • Settle positions
  • Quickly place trades
To view your portfolio and key performance indicators, navigate to ‘Portfolio’ at the top of the webpage.

Portfolio Dashboard


  1. 1.
    A graphical representation of your portfolio performance is presented in the center of the dashboard
  2. 2.
    Key Performance Indicators
    • Collateral Ratio (trading c-ratio) is equal to your sum total positions divided by your sum total borrows
    • 24hr PnL is your profit and loss across all your open positions
    • Portfolio headroom is the dollar amount of how much your portfolio cant move before running the risk of liquidation (i.e. your trading c-ratio is close to maintenance trading c-ratio)
  3. 3.
    Account Breakdown
    • Account Assets page displays the assets you hold across your trading account
    • Positions displays the size of your trades as well as the unrealized gain for each one
    • Note that from this page, you can only see the positions in your cypher trading account, which is used for trading. Your minted positions are displayed in the ‘minting’ page and will be discussed later in this tutorial.
    • Orders page displays the trades you have placed that have not been filled yet
    • Unsettled page displays the trades that you still need to settle after closing (learn how to settle a position here)
  4. 4.
    Account Updates list summarize your transaction history on cypher
  5. 5.
    Quicktrade allows you to quickly and easily place trades without entering the trading dashboard